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Save on your natural gas and electric costs with the Chamber!

The Chamber Energy Program provides energy supply solutions for our members homes, small businesses, and large commercial operations. As your trusted partner, we strive to provide education and protection in everything we do. The Chamber sustainability program helps members reduce their energy costs by connecting them with effective efficiency solutions and project funding and financing. This program can assist with solution and vendor selection ensuring you maximize your return on investment by implementing  a wide array of available federal, state and local rebates, grants and incentives.
For a complimentary bill review to see if you can save on your energy costs and/or improve your energy efficiency, simply choose one of the following options.
For more information: visit
“Since 2020, Community Energy Advisors has been a trusted partner with the YWCA of Van Wert County saving our organization over $2500 annually through the Chamber Energy Program.  I would encourage you to reach out to the Van Wert Chamber of Commerce to see how the Chamber Energy Program can help your company reduce your energy costs.”
Kimberly Laudick
President/CEO YWCA of Van Wert County
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