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History of the Chamber

In 1921, the citizens of Van Wert felt that local businesses were suffering. There were also civic concerns that existing social welfare agencies couldn’t resolve. They needed an organization that would represent Van Wert in all endeavors. 

An unknown forward thinker presented this idea to the local Young Men’s Business Club, who floated the idea to the members of the Trewnav Club. If you’ve never heard of them, the Trewnav club was one of the largest business organizations in Van Wert County, and their name is Van Wert spelled backwards. Out of this combined enthusiasm, a recommendation was made to create the Community Clearing House for the city of Van Wert. In 1922 they adopted a constitution and appointed two internal groups. The first would represent business interests, and  that came to be known as the Van Wert Area Chamber of Commerce. The second was formed to address social and civic concerns, which would come to be known as the United Way of Van Wert County.

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